Saturday, May 21, 2011

April 9th, 2011 :: Bluetech (live electronica)

Thanks to all that attended!!! The first merger of Beats Bazaar productions with Origins Music was a success with an almost sold-out capacity filling up Casanovas with that sweet Upcountry North Shore Maui tribe vibe! Big ups to all! Raised $135 for Maui Garden School Network as well! Woop Woop!

Bluetech's short bio ::
A classically trained pianist and master of the art of software
production, Bluetech's love of melody and his exquisite sense of
sound design makes him one of the most ingenious producers today.
His sound emerges from custom-built software instruments and
synthesizers and blossoms into a unique blend of idm, downtempo
and electro-infused dub that encompasses musical styles from
different parts of the globe. Ripe with emotive vistas, reflective
passages and evocative depth Bluetech’s lush digital sound palate
reflects on nature’s expression of being.
Bluetech’s latest album, “Love Songs To The Source”
(Interchill Records, 2010), employs a more dub-wise and organic
sound than on his previous releases. With the addition of live
instrumentalists and vocalists, such as Dr. Israel, Katrina Blackstone,
and Tina Malia, listeners are presented with an inviting point of
departure into the warm, spacious realms of his signature mid and
down-tempo electronica.

Thanks Melissa Bruck for the amazing painting you auctioned off so generously! And Douglas Deboer for the amazing visuals!

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